Wu culture extends to economic and trade cooperation
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On April 10, over 1,800 people including 13 overseas delegations from 11 countries including the UK, New Zealand and Indonesia and clan relatives of the Wus from 21 provinces and cities in the mainland and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan gathered in Taibo Square at the foot of Hong Mountain in Xinwu District, jointly sacrificing Taibo, progenitor of humanity in Wu area in regions south of Yangtze River. At the same time, the 2017 International Wu Culture Exchange &“Baiyulan” Mass Culture Month of Benefiting People opened. Different from those of former years, the Wu culture exchange activity in 2017 especially highlighted the key word of “Internet of Things Town” while propelling cultural innovation.

Hua Boquan, Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Wu Culture Exchange Activity, said that cultural inheritance of 3,300 years shall be better extended. Wu culture is the main body of culture in regions south of Yangtze River while Hong Mountain is the head stream of Wu culture. The annual Wu culture exchange activity has been organized 11 times continuously, becoming a famous culture brand with bright local color and profound humanistic accumulation. This time, the Wu Culture Exchange &“Baiyulan” Mass Culture Month of Benefiting People will continue to adhere to the idea of frugalness and take Wu culture as the theme to let the masses feel its unique charm through various forms, including sending Chinese folk arts to communities, cultural and art performances and culture group exhibition, and deepen sense of hometown, sense of belonging and sense of identity of clan relatives of the Wus.