Open up a new realm for socialism with Chinese characteristics
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On October 18, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was ceremoniously opened in Beijing. This congress is very important in the stage of building a well-off society and in a critical period of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Our party will clear the questions: what kind of great banner should we hold? what road to take? what kind of metal state should we have? what kind of historical mission should we undertake? what kind of goals should we achieve? A global, strategic and forward-looking guideline will be put forward in the congress. Holding the congress successfully will play a political, theoretical and practical role in the cause of the party and the state, the destiny of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the interests of the people, building a well-off society, seizing the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing great rejuvenation of the Chinese Dream.

"Our goal is the better life yearned by people.” Looking back on past 5 years, Comrade Xi Jinping has made many great struggles, such as promoting the overall layout of the "Five in One", strategic layout of “Four Comprehensives”, enhancing national economic strength, technological strength, national defense strength, comprehensive national strength and international influence and people’s sense of gain and pushing socialism with Chinese characteristics to a new stage of development. The achievements in the past 5 years are all round and groundbreaking, and the changes in the past 5 years are profound and fundamental. These historical achievements and changes indicate that Chinese development has reached a new historical starting point, and are of great and far-reaching significance to the development of the party and the country.