4 units in Wuxi are awarded the Demonstration Unit of Promoting the Health of National Fluid Population
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"The students here are outstanding and full of vitality!” Recently, Cater, Senior UN Official and former Minister of Education Department of New Zealand, visited Wuxi. After visiting the Blue Cloth with Design in White Museum, Art Museum, Folk Museum of Ruihua Experimental Primary School, he thumbed up for students’ performance.
The school praised by Cater is a specialized school to recruit migrant children. Built in Qianqiao Residential Street, Huishan District in 2012, there are 2,200 migrant students from rural areas in nearly 30 provinces in the school. Their parents are most engaged in low-end service industry or manufacturing industry with low education level. Thus, the task of promoting the healthy growth of students is mainly undertaken by the school. The school regularly invites experts to deliver speeches, arranges students to study and train the textbook written by the school and sets up interest groups of bandaging, first aid and so on. Since the establishment of the school, students’ sickness rate of poor vision has decreased by 11 percentage points.

At present, Huarui Experimental Primary School, Yunlin Experimental Primary School in Xishan District, SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. in Xinwu District and Wuxi Haobang Electronics Co., Ltd. are awarded the Demonstration Units of Promoting the Health of National Fluid Population. Among Jiangsu Province, there are 18 units won the award. Wuxi has the most.