2017 Chinese Cuisine International Development (Huaxi) Convention is held in Jiangyin
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On November 12, the 2017 Chinese Cuisine International Development (Huaxi) Convention kicked off in Jiangyin. Many Chinese food industry organizations from 26 countries and regions attended the convention and discussed Chinese cuisine’s “Internationalized” road of “Going Global”.

In the opening ceremony, China Cuisine Association released 2017 China Catering Industry Development Report and Overseas Awareness Survey of Chinese Food, and launched the World Sharing Project of Chinese Food Culture. Many representatives of overseas Chinese Cuisine organizations made speeches. During the 5-day activity, the 2nd Overseas and Chinese Chef Seminar will be held. Two masters of Chinese cuisine from Shanghai and Fuzhou will personally teach multiple latest Chinese cuisines and a variety of cooking skills. The Seminar will organize many famous chefs to visit Yangtze River Seafood Breeding Base and National Skill Contest of Steamed Dishes held in Gushan Town.