An art feast enhances the cultural quality of Wuxi
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The one-month 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Wuxi Branch Venue ended in the sound of drums of Tsing Yi on the evening of November 20. It was a cultural feast with wonderful performances in theaters, exhibition halls and squares, which provided thousands of citizens with a platform of high-quality art feast. Relying on the brand of China Shanghai International Arts Festival, 120 literary and artistic activities brought citizens rich and colorful artistic enjoyment. As for Wuxi, Wuxi Branch Venue gradually formed its own characteristics, catered to “Going out” and “Bringing in” and achieved “1+1>2” effectiveness.

Nowadays, the “big family” of Shanghai International Arts Festival Branch Venues is growing. Except for Wuxi, Ningbo and Hefei, Hohhot will join. Then, these cities will realize cultural exchanges and form more powerful cultural effect with radiation force. Reportedly, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and its branch venues will conduct cooperation at a higher level in terms of cultural industry, art talents exchange and training, boutique creation and so on to radiate its high-quality cultural resources farther.