The general plan of Xinqiao Fashion Clothes Town settled
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The scenery of the water village is reappeared in Sunshine Ecological Tourism Area. The plan of Xinqiao Fashion Clothes Town was settled on December 6. Reportedly, the town building program was passed. A fashion dress capital, art culture city and garden city paradigm with supplying high-end fabrics, design and production of fashion clothes, excellent cultural ecotourism and so on will be built.
As one of the second batch of national characteristics towns, Xinqiao Fashion Clothes Town will aim at high-end manufacturing to build an industrial agglomeration with the characteristic of wool clothes within in the area of 4.14 square kilometers. The town will focus on developing three functional areas: in the northern part of the town, an international first-class center of textile clothing design, marketing, logistics, R & D and production will be built; in the southern part of the town, Horse Cultural Show Center, Feima Cultural Movie and Television Base and Textile Clothing Cultural Display Center will be built; in the western part of the town, a tourist resort combining seeding cultivation ecotourism, physical fitness and pastoral health care will be built.

Reportedly, in the next 3 years, Xinqiao Town will invest over 8 billion yuan, aim at AAAAA scenic standard, accelerate the construction to finish Hailan Feima Waterside City and other key projects, and build the world-class Horse Cultural Show Center and build a famous “Fashion Clothes Town” in the world.