Executives of Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd. visited Wuxi
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On December 28, Wang Quan, Mayor of Wuxi, visited President of Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd. and carried out deep communication on exploring cooperation. Xu Lixin, Secretary-General of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, attended the activity.
Wang Quan welcomed the arrival of Korean guests. According to him, Kolmar is a famous Korean cosmetics manufacturing enterprise, combining R&D and production with high brand awareness, and scientific and technological innovation. Cooperating with Kolmar will promote China Head Office of Kolmar to settle in High-tech District, which will be positive to the industrial transformation and upgrading in Wuxi. Wuxi will always support the construction of Kolmar to help with the early completion of the factory construction and the production of high-quality products to better meet market demands.
According to the President of Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd., the orderly construction of Kolmar relies on the strong support from CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal People’s government. Based on the future development, Wuxi Kolmar Cosmetics Company has signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangnan University to carry out exchanges and cooperation in science and technology research and development, talent cultivation and so on. Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd. is willing to provide wisdom and strength for the development and scientific research capability for the cosmetics industry in Wuxi.
Reportedly, Wuxi High-tech District formally signed a contract with Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd. to establish Kolmar Cosmetics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. last year. The project with 90-million-US-dollar investment has started construction in May and was planned to start production in June next year. After finishing, it will be the China Head Office of Kolmar Cosmetics and the world's largest cosmetics factory.