Xiaolou Lane will build a historical and cultural block
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On December 26, the first stage of remedial work of 16 provincial cultural relic protection sites passed the acceptance of the expert group from Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, marking the breakthroughs of the 10-year remedial work of the historical and cultural block in Xiaolou Lane.
Xiaolou Lane is one of the five major historical and cultural blocks and also is an old cultural street located in the “Turtle Shell” of the old city. According to the responsible person of Liangxi District Culture Sports Bureau, after the establishment of Liangxi District, the CPC Liangxi District Committee and Liangxi District People’s Government have convened several meetings to solve the problems and difficulties in the restoration. Experts of Wuxi Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau studied the repair plan and project at least 10 times to try their best to repair and reflect authenticity of cultural relics.

After the review, the expert group believed that the first stage of repair in Xiaolou Lane showed good quality and the block was well protected with its historical features. Reportedly, over 12 provincial cultural relic sites still need to be repaired. At present, the repair plan has been submitted to Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau for approval, and is expected to start in 2018.