The "Chinese Good Person" of Wuxi accepts prize on behalf of Jiangsu
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Learned from Wuxi Spiritual Civilization Office, the Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee held the release ceremony of “The List of Good People in China” of December, 2017 and Exchange Activity of National Moral Model and Good People around Us in Huizhou, Guangdong on January 10. Wu Xiaobo, “Chinese Good Person” and Doctor of Wuxi People’s Hospital, attended the ceremony on behalf of Jiangsu Province.
The ceremony unveiled the list of “Chinese Good Person”. Song Shiliang, an entrepreneur in Yixing, was gloriously on the list to be the "Chinese Good Person". He is the Chairman of Jiangsu Xingda Stationary Group Co., Ltd. and famous person in Zhoutie Town, Yixing. As an entrepreneur, with appreciation, Song Shiliang donated over 30 million yuan and set up 5 charity funds to help people in Zhoutie Town. Residents of Zhoutie Town who are sick can apply for financial aid to Xingda Group.

What is worth mentioning is Wu Xiaobo, Deputy Director of Chest Surgery Department of Wuxi People’s Hospital, attended the activity and accepted prizes on behalf of Jiangsu Province. Last year, he saved people twice on the flights of visiting relatives in the US and won the award of “Chinese Good Person” of October, 2017. As the only representative of Jiangsu Province, he felt honored and encouraged and said, “The activity gathers many Chinese good persons and national moral models together to communicate with each other, which helps me to know many ordinary people are doing something extraordinary. I will work hard to be worthy of the name of Chinese good person and serve the masses’ health.”