The Grand Slam of the World Taekwondo ringed down the curtain in Wuxi
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On January 20, the final of theGrand Slam of the World Taekwondosuccessfully ringed down the curtain inTaihu International Expo Center, Wuxi.

After the final, the 2017-18 WT Grand Slam ended its all 8 levels of contentions.In this tournament, the South Korean team was the biggest winner with 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. Cote D’lvoire team, British team, Russia team and Turkey team got 1 golden medal respectively. China team won 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.

On January 27, World Taekwondo World Cup Group Championships will begin. China team will send men’s team and women’s team, and mixed team to attend the competition.In addition, South Korea, Russia, Iran will also join the men's group championship competition, while South Korea and Russia will become the opponents of China in women’s teams and mixed teams.