German experts communicated with vocational school students
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Learned from Wuxi Technician College, from January 8 to January 19, Frank Goldhorn, Trainer of German Erfurt Crafts Guild came to the college and provided technical guidance on the site.

Reportedly, 2017 is the year of Wuxi Technician College furthering international exchange and cooperation. In 2017, the college set up a new major and organized the first German and Chinese international class with 11 students. The introduction of the new major is a bold attempt and innovation and a real international cooperation. In order to realize the goal of textual research in Germany, the German and Chinese international class teaches Germany, and all the teaching programs and teaching modes are in accordance with the requirement of HWK. In the cooperation agreement, the college and German Erfurt Crafts Guild make sure to invite German experts to come to the college and provide technical guidance for two weeks in every semester.

In two-week teaching guidance, key teachers of college of mechanical engineering and Germany experts carried out fruitful discussion towards teaching programs. German experts made detailed explanation towards the requirements of professional theories and practical skills. Finally, the two sides integrated both sides’ teaching modes and negotiated a series of teaching modes confirmed to the situation of the college, including developing interesting topics, daily teaching codes and so on.