The first tournament of the 2018 International Tower Running Grand Prix will be opened in Wuxi
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On March 6, the annual press conference of the 2018 International Tower Running Grand Prix was held. According to the introduction, as the first tournament of the Grand Prix, the Wuxi IFS Station would begin the tournament on April 15. The theme of the competition at this station is "Love on the Top of the City". Combined with Wuxi Cherry Blossom Festival, it will create a tower running grand prix with cherry blossom element in Wuxi.

According to the introduction, the sponsor has launched a "Scoreboard for National Tower Running Athletes" to the national tower running enthusiasts, and invited the national tower running athletes to register to apply for the tournament score. The top ten players could also win cash awards according to the final score of the year. The Wuxi IFS Station is the first stop of the 2018 International Tower Running Grand Prix, and then it will go to Shanghai, Nanchang, Xiamen, Chongqing, Shenyang and other cities. At present, the enrollment channel has been fully opened. The tower running lovers can sign up by following the official WeChat of "International Tower Running Grand Prix" and official website of "International Tower Running Grand Prix".