Huishan Ancient Town appears on the Tourism Fair in Berlin
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On March 7, the 52th International Tourism Exchange Berlin was opened in Germany. Once again, Wuxi Culture & Tourism Development Group set up a specially decorated booth with the theme of "Huishan Ancient Town" in the Asian Exhibition Hall to show Jiangnan customs and cultural connotation of Huishan Ancient Town to the world. On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibition booth of Huishan Ancient Town attracted more than 1,000 representatives of travel agents and tourists. Wuxi Culture & Tourism Development Group reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with 2 overseas travel business representatives.

Wuxi Culture & Tourism Development Group has set up the exhibition booth on the International Tourism Exchange Berlin for 9 consecutive years. Integrating resources according to the characteristics of overseas market, Wuxi Culture & Tourism Development Group designed the Wuxi one-day tour and a two-day tour and other tourism leisure products, which treated Huishan Ancient Town as the main tourist destination for the traveling salesmen from the entire world. According to the statistics, subordinate scenic areas of Wuxi Culture - Tourism Development Group receives more than 4.7 million passengers every year, of which the overseas tourists are 100 thousand people. The person in charge of the exhibition said that the European market has remained stable through successive years of European promotion and creation of Wuxi's tourist destinations.