16 urban gardens will be built this year
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On March 12, Aunt Tan who lived in Yingxiqiao Community, together with her grandson, wandered in Xianyiqiao Garden. The reporter learned from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Administration and Gardening that in recent years, there were 164 newly-built small gardens in Wuxi, only last year, there were 13 small garden built in urban areas. Residents lived nearby could walk for only 5 minutes to find the green space for relaxation, morning exercise and entertainment.

"Most of the urban gardens were built near residential areas, and citizens can enjoy the happy life brought by the fitness and leisure facilities as soon as they leave their home.” The relevant principal of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Administration and Gardening said, in 2018, Wuxi plans to newly build 16 urban gardens with green area of 2 million square meters in the urban built-up areas. It is estimated that in 2020, the coverage rate of the 10-minute service circle of the parks and green spaces of each district in the whole city (500 meters away from the residential areas) will reach 95%, so that the green will penetrate into every corner of the city.