Let green become the most beautiful grounding of Wuxi
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March 12 was the fortieth National Tree Planting Day. In the morning, Li Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Huang Qin, Acting Mayor of Wuxi, Zhou Minwei, Chairman of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, together with municipal leaders and organ cadres at municipal level, went to the site of Lihe ecological environment renovation project of Taihu New City to participate in the voluntary tree planting activity and add new green for Wuxi in spring.

"Green development is the development of the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature.” Li Xiaomin and other municipal leaders planted a number of camphor trees in a row. Looking at the trees that were standing upright in the wind, he said that "promoting green development not only should include vigorously advocating and implementing green production mode, lifestyle, consumption mode, but also should cover the rehabilitation and protection of natural ecological environment including forest planting. After years of efforts, the forest coverage rate in Wuxi reached 27%, and the natural wetland protection rate reached 50%. But in accordance with the requirements of building the National Garden City and the National Forest City, we still have a large gap. The whole city should further take actions to plant more trees, create more forest, sow green seeds and hope, and let green become the most beautiful grounding of Wuxi, and let people in Wuxi enjoy more green benefits.”

In recent years, Wuxi has stuck to the development concept of "Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets" and continued to put the promotion of green Wuxi construction on the important position. The whole city completed 16,000 mus of forest planting last year, among which, the whole afforestation was 11,000 mus. This year, the whole city will finish afforestation area of 10 thousand mus, including 6 thousand mus of whole afforestation, 2 million square meters of new green space in the built-up area in urban area, 16 new-built (rebuilding, extension) (planned and fixed point) urban parks; complete 40-thousand-mu forest tending area, and 4-thousand-mu restoration area of wetland protection.