It still has more work to construct an aging adaption community
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With the acceleration of the aging process, the number of elderly people is increasing continuously. Wuxi is one of the cities that enter the population aging at the earliest time of the whole China. At present, there are 1.232 million people aged 60 and above, account for 25.3% of the registered population. How to provide more and better products and services for the elderly is a common issue that the government and the society shall face together. The news from the civil affairs department in Wuxi is exciting. By 2020, the number of aging adaption transformation projects of newly-built and existing communities of the whole city will be more than 12. Wuxi started the first batch of experimental units of aging adaption transformation of old and new villages last year, and transformation of Cuiyun Xincun and Nanyuan Xincun of Liangxi District was basically completed. It shall be noted that aging of population will be a continuous process, and the construction of aging adaption community is at the starting stage from the view of the whole country, and it still has a long way to go.

The construction and transformation of the aging adaption community should also solve the problem of capital investment. We should give preferential treatment on land transfer price, reduction or exemption of tax to the newly built aging adaption communities, so as to ensure that the house selling price can be within the acceptance range of the ordinary elderly. The financial department shall make the special arrangement on the funds for the transformation of the existing aging adaption communities, give award to those communities transformed better, and encourage the communities to operate well.