Running in sea of flowers in Yangshan
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On April 1, the 2nd Vanke Yangshan halfway marathon started in the Peach Culture Square in Yangshan Town in Huishan District. Over 5,000 runners from all places started happily. They felt the beautiful scenery of peach blossoms in regions south of the Yangtze River while experiencing fun of marathon. Finally, BOITJACOBKIPLIMO and KANGOLOICEJEBET from Kenya respectively obtained champions of men and women groups.
Reportedly, overall length of the Yangshan halfway marathon was 21.0975 kilometers. There are many featured scenic spots of Yangshan Town including new Pastoralism, Peach Island Landscape Park and Changyaoshan Scenic Area and boutique home stays scattered by the side of racing track. Runners enjoyed the scenery while running.
Yangshan Town is famous for peach blossoms and juicy peaches, so this competition was also called "peach blossom marathon". And the deuterogenic love theme was also a bright spot of the competition.
Apart from the project of halfway marathon, the project of mini-marathon was also added in 2018, letting more runners share joy of sports.