Intensifying top-level design and gathering global resources
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On April 3, the 2018 International Master Show - "International Innovation and Silicon Valley Experience" was held in China Sensor Network International Innovation Park in Xinwu District in Wuxi. Dr. Michael Condry, Vice Chairperson of the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance and previous CTO of Global Eco-development Department of Intel, was invited to give keynote speech. In the exclusive interview of Wuxi Daily, Michael Condry "felt the pulse" of innovative development of the new generation of information technology industries including Internet of Things and integrated circuit in Wuxi, and gave solutions in allusion to problems.

This time, Michael Condry came to Wuxi with another task - signing with the Wuxi Municipal Association for Science and Technology on behalf of the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, which meant official establishment of the "Wuxi Haizhi Workstation" in Silicon Valley in America. This station taking root in Silicon Valley will introduce more high and new technology projects and talents urgently needed by economic development for Wuxi, and will also better generalize competitive industries and products of Wuxi to America.

Michael Condry suggested that Wuxi has the whole industry chain of integrated circuit, and entrepreneurs of all chains shall often communicate with each other and participate in international meetings. Wuxi entrepreneurs should “walk out” frequently, expand international view and be good at integrating global resources, thus giving inexhaustible driving force of innovative development to enterprises.