Studio of Richard Macdonald settles down in Wuxi
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A few days ago, Wuxi Qianyao Culture and Studio of Richard Macdonald, USA signed a cooperation agreement to establish the China-America culture and art exchange cooperation platform in Wuxi Studio. Yuan Fei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Publicity, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Liu Xia and Jin Yuanxing, Vice Chairperson of the Wuxi Municipal Committee under CPPCC, attended the signing ceremony.
Studio of Richard Macdonald was established by Richard Macdonald, a world famous sculptor for capturing and recording models in motion. His sculptures were exhibited in hundreds of art exhibitions, many of which were collected by famous people in all circles.
After this signing ceremony, Studio of Richard Macdonald will show and market artworks of Wuxi Qianyao Culture and works of Wuxi artists in America. And Wuxi Qianyao Culture obtained the sole agency of works of Richard Macdonald.
Wuxi Studio will plan to construct the Qianyao Culture Art Center, indicating that Wuxi Studio has realized new breakthroughs in perfecting cultural entrepreneurship industry chain and enriching cultural transmission content by centering on the development direction of "creative guidance and resource integration".

The picture shows a sculpture of Richard Macdonald presented to Wuxi Municipal People's Government as a gift.