San Antonio River and Wuxi Ancient Canal become "sister canals"
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A few days ago, the signing ceremony of "sister canals" between San Antonio River and Wuxi Ancient Canal & the 2018 China Liangxi River Ancient Canal tourist introduction and marketing event was held in San Antonio in America. Liangxi District and San Antonio River Authority officially signed agreement. Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Liu Xia attended the signing ceremony and unveiled for the "sister canals".
According to introduction, Wuxi and San Antonio became sister cities in 2012. Wuxi and San Antonio are both famous waterfront cities for canals throughout the whole city. The 2 cities has strong complementarity and vast cooperation space in aspects including city construction, educational culture and expo and tourist industry. San Antonio has rich experience in canal governance and developing tourist industry, which is worthy learning by Wuxi. By becoming "sister canals", the 2 cities will actively expand exchange and cooperation and promote business and tourist industry development.