Wuxi has professional guide station on safe ride of children
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Recently, the Safe Kids Worldwide started the children passenger safety & children passenger safety certificate technologist guide station in Wuxi, indicating that Wuxi became the 3rd city providing specialized guidance of safe ride of children in China after Shanghai and Shenzhen.
2 guide stations established in the 1st batch in Wuxi respectively settled down in the Wuxi Center for Disease Prevention and Control and Anmin Automobile Security Spare Parts Co., Ltd. Currently, Wuxi has 12 professional children passenger safety certificate technologists from the Wuxi Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Wuxi Woman and Enfants Care Hospital, Wuxi transportation system and other units. In future, training will be carried out in face of families having infants in Wuxi at regular intervals to guide parents to correctly select, install and use child safety seat.