"Measurement service week for the masses" pushes out a batch of free projects
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It was learnt from the Wuxi Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision on May 14 that around the "World Measurement Day" on May 20, quality supervision department will organize and carry out the activity of “Measurement service week for the masses” to provide a batch of free service events in the aspect of measurement for citizens.
According to introduction, around May 20, the Wuxi Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision will organize technicists of Wuxi Measurement Institute to go deep into the Xishan District Economic Development Zone and Qianzhou Residential Street in Huishan District to carry out free examination involving poisonous gas alarm for safety protection and combustible gas alarm. On May 18, quality supervision department will provide activities including free overhauling of sphygmomanometer, optometry, free overhauling of glasses and public measurement issue inquiry for residents in Aijia Jinhewan Community in Liangxi District. On the afternoon of May 22, combining with the engineering activity of "Mingjing Guard", quality supervision technicists will enter Wuxi Tianyuan Technician Training School and other middle and primary schools to carry out 520 theme publicity, optometry and free overhauling of glasses.
In addition, during the "World Measurement Day", measurement technique agencies and laboratories in Wuxi will carry out open day activity to invite citizens and organ officers to enter Wuxi Measurement Institute, thus popularizing measurement knowledge. Wuxi will also carry out training on administrative staffs of nearly 300 key units in the whole city.