"International triathlon" competition beside the lake
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On the morning of May 20, the opening ceremony of the 15th Wuxi Taihu Landscape Culture Tourism Festival & the 2018UltraS Wuxi (Li Lake) International Triathlon Competition sponsored by the Binhu District People's Government was held in the western square in Wuxi Grand Theatre. Nearly 1,000 players from 25 countries including China, America, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain took part in the competition. The picture shows the scene of the competition. Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Liu Xia attended the opening ceremony.

Reportedly, the theme of the Taihu Landscape Culture Tourism Festival, to last for half a year, is "Enjoying yourself in high-quality lake and delicacy of Binhu District". By centering on "tourism plus", the organizer elaborately organized 30 featured activities in 5 series including sports and tourism integration, village and tourism integration, commerce and tourism tourism, culture and tourism integration and global integration, containing 9 key activities including the Wuxi (Li Lake) International Triathlon Competition, the Wuxi Lihu International Halfway Marathon, the International Road Bicycle Competition around Tai Lake, the Wuxi Taihu International Women Halfway Marathon, the Wuxi Binhu District Autumn Economic and Trade Signing Convention and the China Jiangsu Taihu Films and Television Culture Industry Investment Summit. According to related principals, through the activities, landscape culture charm of Binhu District will be shown in all aspects to enlarge influence and popularity of tourism in Binhu District, thus promoting high-quality development of economic society in Binhu District.