Foreign friends show Chinese in speech competition
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On May 31, foreign friends from 17 countries including Yemen, Greece, the United States, Italy, Afghan and India gathered in Jiangnan University to participate in the speech contest to show Chinese. The 2018 "Tongle Jiangsu" foreigner Chinese speech contest Sunan competition area promotion event was held on May 31. 20 foreign contestants told "my story with China" in Chinese.
Reportedly, some contestants are foreign students studying in Jiangsu. There are foreign friends starting business in Jiangsu as well. Many of them have lived in China for many year and had Chinese names, even someone has found the other half in China, establishing the family with both Chinese and foreign bloods. They told their stories with China and their experiences in Jiangsu province in fluent Chinese, winning applause from the audience. The competition was also interspersed with the enthusiastic traditional dances of students from Rwanda and the world famous music played by Chinese students from Jiangnan University with erhu.