Chinese and American students investigate new rural construction in Ehu Town
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Recently, a professor and tutor of Master Degree Candidate of the photography major of Nanjing University of the Arts Zhong Jianming and committee member of the “Asian Philosophy and Asian Philosopher Committee” and lifetime professor of the department of philosophy of Creighton University Yuan Jingmei led 12 Chinese and American students to investigate new rural construction in Ehu Town.
The team led by Professor Yuan went to Qingdang Village and Ehu Village to have forums with secretaries of the general Party branch of the 2 villages in succession in the 2-day journey in Ehu Town, exchanging rural change and development since the issuance of the reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago. Soon afterwards, the team went deep into the villages to chat with local residents and visit their houses, knowing the chance brought to the masses by new rural construction.