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On January 22, an exciting news came from the 2019 annual summary and commendation conference of Chengxing Group that in 2019, the 35th of the establishment of the group, the revenue of the group exceeded the 100 billion yuan for the first time. Following Heilan Group and CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., Chengxing Group become the third 100 billion-level enterprise in Wuxi.    For decades, Chengxing Group has always stood at the forefront of the fine phosphorus chemical industry. In 1992, it took the lead in building the first bulk phosphoric acid export base in China, realizing the breakthrough of “zero” of China’s bulk phosphoric acid export and thereby driving Jiangyin Port to open to the outside world; in 2002, it took the lead in reforming the transportation mode of yellow phosphorus, a kind of dangerous good, and independently developed yellow phosphorus owned railway tank cars, revolutionizing the packaging and transportation of yellow phosphorus in China... At present, Chengxing's industries has extended from fine phosphorus chemical industry to related industries such as petrochemical industry and electronic chemical industry. The phosphorus chemical industry has an integrated competitive advantage in the industrial chain and is one of the world's important fine phosphorus chemical companies, with products exported to more than 80 countries and regions; its petrochemicals have formed an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of PTA and 1.2 million tons of PET; and the electronic chemicals have begun to take shape and will become new economic growth pol. What’s more, Chengxing Group is also an active practitioner of "beautiful chemical industry and green chemical industry". According to statistics, in the past five years, Chengxing Group has invested 1.2 billion yuan in environmental protection and governance such as energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. Through “bleeding out” “exhaust gas, waste water and waste residue”, Chengxing Group has achieved circulation in economic development and achieved economy in circulation. 2 yellow phosphorus plants of Chengxing Group in Yunnan have been rated as leading energy efficiency demonstration companies. Chengxing Group has also won the honorary title of the third batch of China's “green factories”.    How to climb higher after reaching the 100 billion level? Heilan Group, the first 100 billion-level enterprise, broke through sale of 100 million yuan in overseas market in 2019 with global sales volume reaching 1 billion clothes, walking on a more and more stable road of internationalization. CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., the second 100 billion-level enterprise, was totally listed in 2019, creating the fastest speed of major asset reorganization of central enterprises among the same sizes. Currently, the market value of CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. has exceeded 70 billion yuan, ranking second among listed companies in the steel industry in China.  The new 100 billion-level enterprise Chengxing Group also walked firmly. Under the new situation, Chengxing Group has had new goals and measures, namely taking phosphorus as the principal thing, being concentric, walking in depth, marching stably and developing in high quality. While accelerating the upgrade of the product industrial structure and cultivating new development space, Chengxing Group is also deepening its strategic cooperation with internationally renowned companies and unswervingly taking the road of internationalization.

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