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On December 5, the 9th China Wuxi International Culture and Art Industry Fair, co-sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government, opened at the Taihu International Expo Center, dedicating a carnival of "Poetry and Distance". Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Yang Zhichun, Mayor of Wuxi Huang Qin, Director of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal People's Congress Xu Yiping, Chairperson of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of CPPCC Zhou Minwei and Dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Fan Di’an attended and jointly announced the opening of the fair. Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Jing Shengxian, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Director of the Department of Publicity of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee Yuan Fei, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Liu Xia and others attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony of the 9th China Wuxi International Culture and Art Industry Fair in 2019 was unique. The stage not only became more beautiful, but also extended a long runway to the audience. The "singing and dancing show of the she nationality" full of "ethnic style" opened gorgeously and was refreshing. The "Wuxi opera modeling show" performed by classic characters of Wuxi operas including Pearl Tower, Bean-Curd House and The Moon Over a Fountain showed the charm of the fair-sounding Wuxi opera. At the “cultural and creative show”, cultural and creative articles of Wuxi Museum including hand towels, mandarin fans and hand bags were graciously showed by model, letting cultural relics become alive. A specially-made giant Liangxi Viewing Scroll slowly unfolded, setting off a climax among audience.    The scale of the exhibition area of the fair exceeded 50,000 square meters for the first time, with twelve theme halls. Many consumers came to buy good things in an endless stream in the art museum covering brand matrixies including jewelry and jade carving, painting and calligraphy art, tea art and tea ceremony and overseas art. At the “Belt and Road Customs Show - Special Exhibition of Overseas Customs”, featured cultural tourism commodities from 24 countries including Germany, Italy and Russia were very eye-catching. In the cultural and creative museum, the traditional engraved woodcuts of Wuxi Library, the printing and mounting of Wuxi Museum and other experience activities attracted citizens to line up in front of the booth.    Reportedly, compared with those in previous years, the fair in 2019 paid more attention to helping culture and entertainment walk into lives of consumers in many ways including interaction, experience and fashionable show. Inside the Wuxi Pavilion set up for the first time, the dance drama Female Embroider and erhu performances were fascinating. Subtle embroidery, Huishan clay figurines and other intangible cultural heritage tours intensively showed the contexts of Wuxi. The original ancient books reproduced by VR technology interpreted Wuxi's humanistic colors. Audience were intoxicated with the immersive experience. In order to accelerate the integration of culture and tourism, the opening ceremony also presented the “Integrated Innovation Award”, the “Inheritance Innovation Award” and the “Excellent Organization Award” of the fair to further guide traditional cultural enterprises to actively inherit and innovate and encourage exhibitors to continuously optimize exhibition level and promote the brand of the China Wuxi International Culture and Art Industry Fair. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)

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